Year 5 and Year 6

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Week beginning 12/10/20

What another great week in Year 5/6. We have all worked extremely hard doing our tests. In English, we have been completing our own toolkits to help us write exciting setting descriptions. We are now experts on the features. Especially figurative language.

In PE, we were able to put our newly refined jumping skills into action. We set up our own assault courses which was extremely fun!

In Art, we have been exploring the Lindisfarne Gospels. We designed our own illuminated letters and even had a go at calligraphy with a twist.

We have been researching and learning about Human Evolution in Science this week. We were able to get creative and express our knowledge by creating our own version of the ‘March of progress’.

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Week Beginning 20/01/20

What a week!

We are coming to the end of our Non-Chronological writing task, and we are looking forward to seeing our finished leaflet all about the Amazon Rainforest in this useful writing style.

We have learnt all about how to build our own laptops for the last two Mondays. We have now learnt how to add lights, programming them to flash as much as we want!

Maths has been all about revising ‘rounding’ and decimal points. Everyone has worked hard (even when confronted with some kilograms and grams!) and we can say that we are all pretty comfortable with this concept.

Lastly, Year 6 have been focusing on the heart for a lot of this week. Through learning some CPR techniques during P.E, to leaning all about the Circulatory system in Science, Year 6 are pretty ‘pumped’ up about this topic.

A good week with some brilliant work being produced by everyone at some point. Well done Year 6!

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Week Beginning 18/11/19

Year 6 have had quite an ‘arty crafty’ week this week.

Our English lessons have seen us start ‘War Game’; a book about four boys who are recruited to join the war effort during WW1. The children were mature during the class discussions, talking all about feelings that they imagined the characters could be having. Being nervous, excited, apprehensive (and even melancholy!) all came up.

Our Maths lessons have moved on from fractions and onto shapes. We have been reminding ourselves of how we can describe shapes, using vocabulary such as vertices, equal, acute, obtuse and right angle. We even designed our own WANTED posters, giving accurate descriptions of our ‘Shape Criminals’!

Still looking at WW1, Year 6 have been discussing the art that came from this period. Propaganda posters (as well as discussing the word, propaganda) were a big focus and we had great fun designing and drawing our own.

A last note; myself and the class have all been waiting excitedly for our class books to arrive! On Thursday night they arrived (!) meaning that we will begin reading (drum-roll please!) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as of next week. We might even be able to fit in a session on Friday!

A great week, roll on the next!

Mr Stedman, Mrs Caff and all of Y6

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Week Beginning 11/11/19

Year 6 have had a great week. We discussed reflection in Science, listened to some WW1 tunes and even learnt about the difference between human and physical geography!

As well as this, the we have all continued writing biographies about the famous (yet secretive!) WW1 spy, Marthe Cnockaert. Examples will follow as we begin our final draft in the coming days.

Lastly, we have been cementing our ‘fraction knowledge’, making sure that we can multiply and divide! Some of us have even stretched our knowledge to mixed numbers and improper fractions!

Looking forward to next week already: Mr Stedman, Mrs Caff and the whole of Year 6!

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What a busy week?!

We have crammed a lot in this week!

In RE we finished our Pentecost topic off. We looked at different local charities (such as Daft as a Brush, St Oswald’s hospice, Mini Vinnies) and showed how they are modern-day witnesses.

On Tuesday the class had the chance to be DJs! They really enjoyed this and are looking forward to their next sessions.

We had visitors on Wednesday. A group of people who went to St George’s in the 1950s let us ask them questions. We found out more about their education, school food, punishments and a lot more! The children presented this information in Topic. Then one of the visitors, who is a nun for the Little Sisters of the Poor, told us more about her life. She brought us lots of goodies such as: prayer beads, colouring in books and prayers- we felt very lucky! We loved all the visitors and could have asked them more questions!

In Science we checked back on the mould we have been growing on bread. We have been growing this for roughly a month. We found out that the conditions that mould thrives in best are damp, dark and cold. We think this is because mould is a living creature so it needs water to survive.

Alongside all of this, the class finished their circus cruelty persuasive writing. We are ready to send them to Michael Gove and hopefully make a difference.

Also on Monday the class started Matchfit with the foundation again, which they were very pleased about.

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The Final Countdown

SATs week begins on Monday 13th May. There is a letter going home today that explains everything going on next week. Please can children have a well-rested and relaxed weekend!

This week has been a lot SATs prep- Year 6 are more than ready for the tests.

However it’s not just been revision, revision, revision!

In Science the class had a great time making plasticine models of cells including: bacteria, mould and fungus. It helped us learn more about micro-organisms. Some of the models were extremely detailed, especially Adil’s and Hope’s.

In RE we’ve been learning more about witnesses to Jesus and the class wrote an explanation of a deacon’s role.

Good luck to Year 6 next week! Thank you to Year 5 for being so sensible.

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Week beginning 29th April

This week….

We have been continuing with our Witnesses topic in RE. On Wednesday the class wrote diary entries as one of the disciples on the hill at Galilee. They tried to explained the disciples’ feelings and how the event shaped the disciples’ lives.

We have been doing lots of SATs prep as the assessments are very near!

We have set up a mould experiment as we are investigating the conditions in which mould (a type of microorganism) thrives best. We have put a slice of bread in five different conditions in sealed bags. We will keep you updated with some photos as the mould spreads!

In Topic we had a think about tourism and how there are negative and positive effects of tourism on mountainous regions.

Also well done as everyone remembered their homework this week!

Well done Year 5/6

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Week beginning 23rd April

After Easter…

In RE we have started our Pentecost topic ‘Witnesses’. We have thought about what it is to be a witness and how sometimes it can be hard.

On Tuesday we enjoyed celebrating St George’s Day, especially the yummy ice creams! Also well done to Billy for winning the Yr 6 category of the Easter Egg competition for his Street Child egg.

In English we have started our persuasive writing topic about circus cruelty. We intend to send our letters to Michael Gove in order to stop circus animals being used by 2020!

In Maths the SATs revision continued! We’re nearly there….

Alongside all of this, School Council were lucky enough to go to London!


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Year 5’s turn for tests!

This week…

In RE, we have been looking at Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We thought about the people who discovered Jesus’ empty tomb and thought about their feelings. We have also been looking at Easter in Guided Reading too.

It’s been Year 5’s turn for assessments! They’ve done brilliantly well. ALL children made an improvement with their reasoning scores! Well done!

Also this week:

Year 6 have had lots of SATs practise.

We have looked at different forms of renewable energy forms in Science.

The class painted some beautiful, bright water colours of mountains in Topic.

The class wrote some informative non-chronological reports about different mountains (including K2, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest).


Have a nice week off everyone! See you for Holy Week!